Release XSpec v2.2.4

Release XSpec v2.2.4

Release v2.2.4 introduces new features and enhancements, fixes bugs, and improves the test suite and the documentation. These are the highlights for XSpec v2.2.4:

Common to Languages Under Test

  • Pending or unfocused variable declarations are handled more gracefully.
  • Large results are no longer saved in separate XML files by default.
  • This will be the last version to support Saxon 9.8.


  • Multiple test scenarios can be run in parallel by setting @threads on x:description or x:scenario. (Requires Saxon-EE)
  • You can set x:context when testing functions. (Requires /x:description/@run-as=external)


  • You can mark assertions as pending by setting @pending on x:expect-* elements, as an alternative to using the x:pending element.
  • When @location does not point to one node, the error message is more helpful.

Many thanks to the many XSpec contributors who made this release possible. They are listed on the release notes.