Release XSpec v2.0.7

Release XSpec v2.0.7

Release v2.0.7 introduces new features and enhancements, fixes bugs, and improves the test suite and the documentation. These are the highlights for XSpec v2.0.7:

Common to Languages Under Test

  • x:helper lets you integrate your own test helpers
  • @as can be set in x:context and x:expect


  • You can test XSLT packages and static parameters (experimental)


  • Compatible with SchXslt (not thoroughly tested)
  • You can write advanced expressions in @location (e.g. <x:expect-assert location="//sec[@id='lower']" />)


Command Line

  • New option -e treats failed tests as error


  • ${xmlCatalogFilesList} takes effect in the Run XSpec Test transformation scenario

Breaking Changes

Many thanks to the many XSpec contributors who made this release possible. They are listed on the release notes.